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Covid-19- Everything will be fine soon

Updated: May 30

Life is full of surprises they say. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. And the Covid-19 of course is a bad one. It impacted every human on this earth directly or indirectly. This lockdown divided the people into two parts. Some people got a lot of time with Their family on the other hand some people still suffering to reach home. Some people are making dishes at home, also people are there who are not getting anything to eat at all. Some people are laughing with their loved ones, but many people are not getting a chance to even meet them. This pandemic also taught us so many things, and the best thing it thought us is patience and unpredictability about the future. It taught us to be ready for anything. It taught us no matter what, always the poor will have to face everything. But let's face it together and pray to God that everything will be fine soon. Let's finish it here by congratulating and saluting our brave warriors who are shielding us day and night. THANKYOU

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