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Parents are your best friends

The day we born, We met our first few friends as a father, mother, and grandparents. From the very first day of us on this earth to the time they live, they hold our hand tight, hug us and tell us time to time that they are with us in every good and bad phase of our journey. They give us a language to speak, teach us from the very basics of life like crawling, speaking, eating, walking to the harsh lessons of surviving in this world.

They listen to us, They solve the issues we face in our daily life, They eat with us, and you know the best part? we never need to pay the bill xD

So don't you think? our parents are our best friends? of course, they are.

And no matter what, they are not gonna ditch us and they will be the first to listen whenever you need someone. They will give the best advice. They will treat you like KING/QUEEN because you're a KING/QUEEN for them.

Treat your parents like your friends. spend time with them. Listen to them. Laugh with them. Share things with them because they gonna give you the best therapy and FOR FREE.

So, take a moment to thank them and tell them that "My friend, thank you for all the free therapies, for being there for me."


A parent’s love is whole no matter how many times divided. –Robert Brault

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