• Dipanshu sehgal

Stop destroying your inner self

For the outer world, we are doing good. we are laughing, eating well, hanging out, going to good places, meeting with friends, performing well, listening to good songs, watching amazing videos and movies, sharing stuff on social media, taking care of ourselves, taking care of our families, consulting our loved ones, telling everyone that we are fine. basically, We are enjoying life. But, what about our inner world? Are we really happy with life, laughing, or sharing our real feelings on social media? NO.

stop faking about yourself to this world. Express your inner self. stop impressing people. Show your real identity to this world. Anyways this world is gonna point fingers on you. let people hate you. Don't stand out for the things that are wrong according to you. Stop doing things just because they are cool to this world. Maybe they are not for you. Do whatever you like. Wear whatever you love. Speak what you feel. Stop faking and "Stop destroying your inner self". THANKYOU



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